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Our mission is to hear the Word, share in the sacrifice, serve the Lord, and create community.

The end of the school year means field trips!  The kids are so excited for their annual trips to various places throughout Minnesota.  Please be sure to check your student's backpacks for permission forms.
May 16 -  4th Grade Farm Safety in Mabel
May 18 -  K & 1st Grades to MAAD Bowling & Twin Creeks Golf
May 18 -  2nd & 3rd Grades to Niagra Cave
May 18 -  7th & 8th Grades to Hokah for annual softball game vs. St. Pete's
May 19 -  5th & 6th Grades to the State Capitol and Ft. Snelling
May 22 -  7th & 8th Grades to Eagle Bluff Learning Center  
May 23 -  Annual 7th vs. 8th Grade softball game at 12:30
May 25 -  4th Grade to Fish Hatchery, Fishing, & Sylvan Park
May 25 -  5th & 6th Grade Track Meet at Aquinas


Each year the 8th grade class, with the guidance of Marguerite Costigan, paints a set of doors in the hallway of St. Mary's School.  What a wonderful painting of Moses parting the sea.  Great job 8th Graders!

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Want to know what's coming up during the school year?  Here's the link to the 2016 - 2017 school calendar.

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Upcoming Calendar

May 24  8th Grade Graduation, 6:30 p.m.

May 25  5th & 6th Track Meet at Aquinas

May 26  Last Day of School for St. Mary's

Church of St. Mary